Our Story

Once upon a time there was a couple who lived very happily with their two children and a rather large deaf dog.

The man stayed at home to look after their boys and the house. The girl loved life as an agent but wanted to combine her eye for a trend with building something they could all work on together and so Hot Tomato was born.

That was back in 2007 and we can now report that along with the children, the dog and the parents, Hot Tomato has grown a bit! Our dynamic little team continues to thrive and bring you gorgeous goodies from around the globe and we feel privileged that you are considering allowing our collection to play a part in your own business - thank you!

Who we are

Who's who at HQ

Person agent alex


Where it all began..... from a retail background, to rep, to agent and finally, her own baby: Hot Tomato. An avid tomato lover (hence the name!) Mojito's will hit the spot perfectly here & a chilled glass of white rarely gets turned down!

Person agent adrian


The brains behind everything - Adrian keeps it all together for us behind the scenes & the Hot Tom wheels a'turning! You can sweet talk him with the promise of a comedy show followed by a few beers and a curry!

Person karen image


Karen runs our busy little office (brilliantly we might add!) and heads up our account and credit control so it's definitely worth keeping on her good side! She's a Gin queen if bribery & corruption is your thing!

Person nigel 2aa


Nigel runs the warehouse and is responsible for getting all your gorgeous goodies out - best be nice to him! An avid autograph hunter (A-Listers only please!), stamp & coin collector - will do most things for a Terry's Chocolate Orange!

Person img 0929  2


We lost our darling Ziggy on 1st April 2019. He was with us 24/7 from the start and we can't bring ourselves to let go completely by taking his image down. RIP our gorgeous, gentle, generous beast - we will love & miss you forever XOX

On The Road Team

Person barbara rgb

EAST ANGLIA, BUCKS, BEDS & HERTS - (Part 1) Barbara Lindhofer

Barbara works the East Anglian territory for us in conjunction with her daughter Dawn and we are thrilled to have these lovely ladies on board. They are quite a team, hugely experienced & we know you love to have them in store - because you told us! Barbara likes to unwind painting watercolours - with one hand free to hold her Gin & Tonic - she claims it helps with the creative vibe!

Person dawn rgb


Introducing Dawn - who alongside mum, Barbara, covers East Anglia for us. The 'double trouble' aspect is a great asset and means there is always someone around to offer advice / guidance & frankly, what they don't know isn't worth knowing! A large glass of chilled Pinot Grigio works a treat for the lovely Dawn - she's also a keen swimmer - thankfully her two passions are rarely combined!

Person james bw


James describes himself as a 'seasonal' drinker - when pressed he means Cider in the summer & Guinness in the winter! He's a bit of a sport nut, anything from bungee jumps & skydives to football. James has been in the gift arena for many years, latterly on the road & has a ton of experience for you to plunder!

Person agent jennie

SCOTLAND: Jennie Willkie

What Jennie doesn't know about the industry is not worth knowing at all - this business is in her DNA! What you might not know is that she has the voice of an angel - seriously get her to give you a wee warble - Vodka should do it!

Person ruth 13

NORTH: Ruth Holden

Ruth came on board Hot Tom in the early days having been introduced by Tamsin & she is now a firm friend. Ruth combines agent life with her very own beautiful lifestyle shop so she knows it all from every angle! Choc Chip Cookies do it for this lass!

Person agent tamsin again

SOUTH EAST: Tamsin Eade

Tamsin is our longest serving agent & has been with us almost as long as we've been going. Bessie mate & each others bridesmaids about 100 years ago! Will do most things for a Jammy Dodger! Passionate about life, loves & most of all customers!

Person linda

N.IRELAND: Linda Lennox

Pretty as a picture - the Lovely Linda has been a fan from afar for ages and we are all truly happy to have her on board. Loves the lovely stuff and is a mine of information and experience - a sheer delight!

Person bracelets   hot tomato grey gold logo crop


Please Call our Office Team: 01225 422188

Person bracelets   hot tomato grey gold logo crop


Please call our office team: 01225 422188

Person bracelets   hot tomato grey gold logo crop


Please call our office team: 01225 422188